Office: Our office has a fusion of atmospheres: there are corners reminding for a classic office, place with beanbags and couch for a more cozy work, and for an unoffice feeling. The office can serve those as well, who are just running by with a laptop, having a chaotic daily routine, and those as well, who have a more rigid routine for work, with specified working hours.

Silent room: for work requiring concentration. In this office you can hear the sound of the laptop buttons, and the buzz of some wandering flies.

Noisy room: we managed this office for those who have to do a loads and loads of phonecalls for their work, and they are not feeling disturbed by others who talk on the phone.

Lobby: beanbags, X-box, smart TV, chit-chats – space for doing such things.

Meeting room: perfect for closed door-meetings. For the coworkers is free to use it, if you are an outsiders, please give me a call in order to discuss the schedule.

The system works as a self-service, so you just write in yourself wherever you find a free spot in the schedule, and please use it only for meetings, Skype meetings.

Kitchen: all the kitchen tools are free to use. We have a coffee machine, a water boiler, water dispenser. We provide all the rough materials for your coffee-brake. We use the honesty-box system. Please consider that the kitchen is a self-service area, so take care for the tidy and cleanliness.

Smoking area: outside, wherever you find an ashtray. If you cannot find an ashtray it means, that you have to search more.

Parking lots: the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bihor County provides 2 parking lots for the coworkers in the courtyard. The system is the first comes, first served. The parking lots on the streets can be used according to the rules of the town’s parking system.

Internal rules

  • The Coworking Office is – first of all – a workplace. People come here because they need a place for work, so keep this atmosphere alive. Before asking the WiFi code, look around you might find it posted, before you answer your phone: check it not to disturb the others, before starting a chat with a person be sure not to disturb the third. If you wish to listen to music, please bring headphones with you.
  • In the office there are cabinets, so if you feel comfortable about it, you can leave some of your things here. Consider that these cabinets cannot be locked.
  • Honesty-box system: you can use the kitchen to make a coffee, a tea, or just drink a juice. No one will check the quantity of your consumption. Our honesty-box is put out, please fill in.
  • We collect selectively. You can find our garbage bins in different colors. Before putting something in the bins, be sure that it goes in the right place (for ex: the yoghurt cups has metal closing, plastic down-part, but if you do not wash out, the whole goes to the mixed garbage. Sounds complicated? Ask our colleague’s help. ).
  • A real coworker uses his/her mug for coffee. In our kitchen there is place for your mug, so your coworker coffee mug can live here with others.
  • Two parking lots are provided by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bihor County in the courtyard, on the left side, in front f the garages. If you find all occupied, please use the parking lot outside the courtyard.
  • The courtyard is nice, green and well maintained. Please do not step on the grass, nor with car, and keep this green zone protected.